Commercial Lights

Permanent Commercial Holiday Lighting

Make your business the brightest in town with permanent commercial holiday lighting!
Not only will permanent commercial holiday lighting add a festive element to your storefront, but it also makes your business more visible and appealing to potential customers. Permanent commercial holiday lighting is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. If your competitors are still using old-fashioned incandescent bulbs or, worse, string lights, they'll be left in the dust when all eyes are on your business this holiday season!
Our commercial permanent lighting systems are reliable and durable. You won't have to worry about bulbs burning out or wires shorting because they're built to keep going for years to come. They look great—even when they're not on! The exterior lights can be fully dimmed or turned off entirely so that they don't distract from your company's brand identity or aesthetics. They save money on energy costs, which frees up more funds for other aspects of your business operations!
PRO Lighting can help you add the right holiday sparkle to your business. We can help you with permanent commercial Christmas lights that are sure to impress your customers and get them in the holiday spirit. We can help you design or install permanent commercial holiday lighting that will blow your customers' minds, whether for an office building, a shopping mall, or a storefront! Our team is here to make sure that your business looks great every day of the year, not just during December. Contact PRO Lighting today!

Commercial Lighting Regina, SK
Commercial Christmas Lighting Regina, SK

The Benefits of Permanent Holiday Lighting:

Energy Efficient

Each LED uses about 0.3 watts of power at full brightness. This is incredibly low!

No Maintenance

Our lights are installed permanently and will last for up to 50,000 hours of use.

Made for Saskatchewan

Our permanent lighting system has been tested to withstand harsh Saskatchewan winters and will work down to -40C.


Our permanent lights and all connectors are entirely waterproof.


Our permanent lights are built to last and backed with a full three-year warranty.

Well Hidden

The light track is matched to the colours of your business to blend in perfectly, and when turned off, the lights are nearly invisible from the street.