Celebright VS Gemstone: Which is better?

Celebright VS Gemstone: Which is better?

Have you heard of permanent outdoor lighting? It's all the rage. Permanent outdoor lighting offers many benefits over traditional string lighting and has more uses! If you're looking for a new outdoor lighting solution, you might be considering Celebright or Gemstone. They both offer similar outdoor lighting products, but which one is better? The outdoor lighting experts at PRO Lighting are here to tell you! Read on to learn more!

Celebright has Better Energy Efficiency.

When it comes to energy efficiency, you want your lights to be as efficient as possible. At PRO Lighting, we believe Celebright lights are the best option for permanent outdoor lighting for your home or business. Celebright lights use only 0.3 watts per second, while Gemstone's bulbs use 0.7 watts per second—a difference of nearly 50% less energy consumption! And with savings like these, you can afford to keep your lights on longer! Use them for security lighting, architectural lighting, and holiday light shows; the options are truly endless!

Celebright has Better Redundancy.

When choosing a permanent lighting system for your business or home, you want something that will last. Gemstone bulbs have no redundancy. If one component fails, all of the lights will go out, which is not what you want when it comes to a permanent lighting system. However, Celebright permanent lighting systems have redundancy built in—if one control chip fails in a bulb, all other bulbs will continue to function normally. If one fails, the experts at PRO Lighting can replace it quickly and efficiently!

Celebright is Invisible Once Installed.

There is a reason Celebright's motto is "invisible by day, brilliant by night." Celebright permanent lighting is invisible once installed on the exterior of your home or business. Celebright bulbs are smaller than Gemstone bulbs and blend into the house better during the day. Celebright bulbs use a single-point source for light, whereas Gemstone lights are three lights in a puck about 1.5" in size, giving each light a clover leaf shape when on. Celebright permanent outdoor lighting is the better option if you are looking for an easy-to-install, invisible light source that blends into your home or business.

Celebright is a Canadian Business.

As a local business, we love supporting other local businesses. At PRO Lighting, we use Celebright permanent lighting systems because they are designed and manufactured in Ottawa. Celebright is a local family-owned business and is very involved with local Ottawa charities. We want to ensure that our customers know exactly where their product comes from—and how much of a difference it makes to support companies that make their products close to home. That's why we're proud to be an authorized Celebright dealer!

Celebright has a Better App.

When you're looking for a permanent outdoor lighting solution, you want to ensure that it's easy to use. At PRO Lighting, we use Celebright because they have the best app on the market! Celebright's app is easy to use and has a better look and feel than Gemstone's. The Celebright app is user-friendly, has more control over lighting patterns than other apps, and has more in-depth scheduling options than our competitors. You can schedule light shows, program your lights to turn on and off at sunrise and sunset and control them from anywhere in the world! With Celebright, you'll never have to worry about turning your lights on or off again!

Celebright has a Better Installation.

We know installation can make or break a product, so we're picky about how our permanent lighting systems are installed. At PRO Lighting, our installers are trained to install Celebright permanent lighting systems using best practices. Gemstone installations have been known to have sloppy metalwork, and they don't take care to hide the wires as we do. We can also take care of all of your customization needs because Celebright is manufactured right here in Canada! When you invest in Celebright outdoor lighting from PRO Lighting, you can rest easy knowing that your new outdoor lighting won't be an eyesore or a hassle to install. It'll be beautiful, functional, and built to last—just like you deserve!

Get Celebright Permanent Lighting from PRO Lighting Today!

Both Celebright and Gemstone permanent lighting systems have similar capabilities. However, for us at PRO Lighting, Celebright comes out on top! With millions of colours, convenient control from your phone and year-round use, it's not hard to see why! And they aren't just for holidays. Celebright permanent lighting systems are perfect for security lighting around your home, architectural lighting, accessibility lighting and more! If you're ready for the future of outdoor lighting for your home or business, contact PRO Lighting today!