PRO Lighting search out all the various brands of permanent lighting.  After an exhaustive review we came to the conclusion that our supplier was the best choice for our Canadian climate.

Here’s a list of 10 reasons we think you should consider when buying our Smart Outdoor Lighting Solution.

1. Canadian Owned & Manufactured

Our manufacturer, Celebright, is Canadian owned and operated.  This is beneficial for a number of reasons - they understand the Canadian climate, getting the product is faster then other suppliers and it supports a Canadian company.

2. Architectural Lighting

Not just for Christmas. Use for architectural lighting, support your team on game day with your team's colors, Green for St. Patty's ... you get the idea. Within each of those patterns, you have limitless options to create almost anything you want. Our patterns are dreamt up by us and our customers which you can use on either our iOS and Android app.

3. True Warm White and Adjustable Brightness

This is an absolute customer favorite! LEDs are phenomenal and powerful, but even more amazing is the ability to use a soft white that can give your home a subtle ambiance. This color is perfect for a warm summer evening playing in the dark!

Control all aspects of the lights, including brightness. Dim them down, or crank them up if you're having a party!

More than your average string of lights! Set them to any colour in the rainbow (even warm white).  16 million different colours.

4. Individual Waterproof Connectors

Our lights are rated to IP68, which means they are rated for underwater use. All connectors are also waterproof.

5. Set Multiple Timers

Celebright has created timers for your system that can turn on and off your lights or patterns whenever you want. You simply choose the date, time, pattern and turn it on. Customers like being able to turn on lights at a certain time during the mornings and turn off when they want. You can even use the architectural lighting options to turn on certain lights at certain times which gives you lots more control.

6. Preset Library 

Download pre-built presets from our community preset library. Feel like sharing? Modify an existing preset or create a new one from scratch and share it with the Celebright community for all to enjoy.

7. Warranty

No more climbing up ladders. Our lights are a permanent installation and are rated for 50,000 hours of use. (That's over 20 years at 6 hours of use every night!)

8. Control from your phone - Anywhere

Control all aspects of your lighting system easily from an app on your phone. ios and android apps available.

9. Your lights will be cooler than your neighbors!

Lol. Fact. Far too often we hear from customers that there neighbors got them and they realize how great they are so they wanted them.

10. They are the most hidden permanent lighting available 

When off, the lights are virtually invisible from the street. The track is colour-matched to your house to blend in perfectly.

11. Replacing A Bulb

Instead of replacing an entire stripe if a bulb goes out, with Celebright you only replace the bulb.  Don't worry thou, that will be a very long time with our lighting.